Unlocking your wardrobe: DHL Supply Chain and Reflaunt get together to transform fashion resale


“My sun sets to rise again.” – Robert Browning

On too many clothes does the sun set not to shine again. Hidden at the bottom of your wardrobe, kept in a drawer of which you forgot the existence, result of a faded fad or an ephemeral phase.

However, your wardrobe contains underestimated riches and treasures. Greedily protected by the dragon of time and forgetfulness, the chest in which is kept your love of all fashions could be worth gold.

To slay this dragon, Reflaunt puts on its knight armour, and is joined in its quest by DHL Supply Chain, the leading global brand in the logistics industry. This new alliance is set to transform fashion resale forever and shine a new light on your clothes.

Two Valiant Heroes

Following a successful one-year pilot, DHL Supply Chain and Reflaunt combine their capabilities to unveil a scalable platform redefining how brands power their resale operations: Reflaunt brings their expertise on fashion resale while DHL Supply Chain brings their robust logistic backbone to the operations.

The biggest hurdle in resale is the ability to unlock substantial scale globally due to inconsistent infrastructure and high cost of acquisition/digitisation of inventory. That is what this alliance aims to change bringing together scalability, infrastructure, and cost management.

Already Triumphed with Prestigious Brands

Reflaunt is helping brands take back control of their second-hand market and radically reduce the amount of textile waste

Brands and retailers rely on Reflaunt’s global operations and resale infrastructure to take back their customers’ entire luxury wardrobe, inspect and value every item, have it sold again, and boost customer loyalty via shopping credits rewards. To unlock this, Reflaunt is bringing together all stakeholders along the value chain, including retailers, resale marketplaces, recycling and upcycling specialists, supply chain traceability players and repair service providers; building an unprecedented network reaching more than 250 million second-hand shoppers worldwide.

The company offers two distinct services tailored to different brand needs: Concierge, exclusively designed for luxury brands and retailers, and Takeback, suitable for any fashion brand with a strong focus on customer loyalty. These services are already operational with the likes of Net-a-porter, Harvey Nichols, Balenciaga, and Altuzarra. Both services are fully integrated into the DHL Supply Chain warehouse operation and provide a seamless customer experience. 

Maximising Sell-Through, Minimising Complexity

An estimated £1.65T worth of fashion is currently sitting idle in customers’ wardrobes. Acquiring, processing and selling this inventory is the ultimate challenge for fashion brands and resale platforms alike. Reflaunt reaches more than 30 platforms, including platforms like Poshmark, Vestiaire Collective, Rebelle, eBay, as well as luxury destinations like Level Shoes, Yoox and Saks OFF 5th.

“Our expertise in logistics and returns solutions, coupled with our logistics footprint, harmonises with Reflaunt’s technology, positioning this collaboration as a scalable resale option within the market and for our existing customers.” says Massimo Degiorgi, VP DHL Supply Chain, EMEA Business Development E-Commerce and Retail

The collaboration of Reflaunt and DHL Supply Chain is designed to maximise the sell-through of items, including returns, providing brands with a comprehensive solution that mitigates the complexities of the resale market. 

Transforming circular fashion logistics

In this collaboration, DHL Supply Chain takes control of the entire end-to-end logistics process. They will take care of: handling items received from customers’ homes, encompassing inspection, grading, photography, and digital entry into Reflaunt’s proprietary technology, to the core logistics functions of inventory management, storage, pick-and-pack, and outbound distribution. 

The synergy between these two entities is reflected in an interlaced system of technical integrations and operational capabilities, providing brands with an effortlessly integrated plug-and-play solution. 

“Our cooperation with DHL opens the door to a seamless circular supply chain. Imagine one place handling first hand fulfilment, returns, resale management, and other end of life solutions such as recycling. That’s the game-changing expertise Reflaunt brings to supply chain operators, and teaming up with DHL is a real win.”  says Stephanie Crespin, Founder & CEO of Reflaunt


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