Remcoda’s CEO on Being a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Supply Chain Management


Chain Reaction is Sourcing Journal’s discussion series with industry executives to get their take on today’s logistics challenges and learn about ways their company is working to keep the flow of goods moving. Here, Remy Garson, CEO at Remcoda, discusses how the global supply chain partner is fostering a more sustainable future—from removing over 300 million pounds of waste to investing in plastic-free technology.

Remy Garson, CEO, Remcoda


Name: Remy Garson 

Title: CEO

Company: Remcoda 

What industries do you primarily serve?

Remcoda is a one-stop shop for supply chain management, working across food service, janitorial and retail. We handle everything from product design to getting items on store shelves. Our current passion is leading the shift toward sustainable packaging, replacing single-use plastics and foam with eco-friendly alternatives.

What is your company doing to make the movement of goods more sustainable?

Since the pandemic, we have responsibly removed and donated over 300 million pounds of waste—including expired sanitizer and other personal protective equipment—for American Airlines, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Meijer, AT&T and more. This demonstrates our dedication to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Additionally, Remcoda has worked very hard to be a leader in plastic-free technology. There’s a generational shift taking place where consumers are voting with their dollars for sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and foam. We’ve helped our partners transition to compostable products with no per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) added to capture the increasing demand in the market. This has helped us win large, coveted supply contracts previously seen as impossible to capture from the incumbents.

When it comes to supply chain logistics challenges, there are things companies can fix and things that are beyond their control. How can the former help the latter?  

The recent Baltimore bridge collapse highlights the dangers of relying on a single route. Diversification is key. Utilize multiple ports, explore alternative shipping lanes and consider reshoring some manufacturing. Spreading your sourcing geographically makes you more resilient. As we extend our support to Baltimore, let’s also use this moment to reaffirm our commitment to preparedness and resilience. By embracing diversification, reshoring and infrastructure resilience, we can navigate the challenges of the global economy with greater confidence. 

What area of logistics isn’t receiving the industry attention it deserves?

Decoupling from China due to tariffs will be one of the hottest topics in logistics if Donald Trump wins the presidential elections. Preparing now, in advance of that possibility, will prove to be an X-factor should America reelect him to a second term. 

What is the one thing brands and retailers could be doing to make better use of technology to improve logistics?  

Leveraging technology can help mitigate the impact of congestion to keep operations running smoothly. To address port congestion and warehouse shortages, Remcoda has implemented technologically driven processes to provide real-time and predictive visibility across global ports. Remcoda’s digital platforms for warehouse management incorporate demand planning and forecasting, optimizing inventory and storage.

Are you optimistic about the state of supply chains in the next few years?  

It’s not about being optimistic or pessimistic. The supply chain is the supply chain—it’s an impossibly complex living, breathing, changing organism that interconnects the world through trillions of dollars of transactions daily. Goods will always need to get from point A to point B, and there will always be conflict, wars, unrest, political tensions, the risk of another pandemic, natural disasters, strikes and bridges falling. The key is to plan ahead. Companies will thrive by expecting the unexpected and having contingency plans.


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