Nokia AIMS: Transforming Warehouse Inventory Management


What’s more, warehouse operators can schedule the drones to scan any time and any aisles – including overnight or during down times – resulting in minimal disruption to operations.

“AIMS provides one true picture that optimises inventory management processes without costly and error-prone human intervention,” Paul continues. “Imagine managers walking into their offices each morning to find a snapshot of their actual inventory ready to view. 

“This up-to-date data enables managers to quickly and accurately review inventory statuses or locations, identify mismatches and empty bin locations – all from the comfort of their office, or even while sitting on the beach.

“This saves valuable time and resources, which ultimately allows businesses to focus on doing what they do best – shipping products rather than being slowed down by tiresome tasks.”

Aiding business growth 

In truth, the performance of AIMS stretches far beyond efficiency and accuracy. 

It represents a strategic investment given it is projected to give organisations a substantial ROI of at least 40% over three years. 

Paul reveals that, during the first few months of operation at customer sites, AIMS has already proven its worth by uncovering tens of thousands of dollars worth of lost inventory. 

By incorporating an automated inventory management service and eliminating the need for extensive manual labour, businesses are experiencing significant declines in wage, shrinkage and equipment maintenance costs. 

OpEx is further lowered by a reduction in accidents and the fact workers can be redeployed to more productive, customer-facing tasks where they add strategic value. 

“Such recovered resources can now go towards business growth initiatives and financial gains,” Paul says. “This not only emphasises the immediate impact of this technology but also underscores the long-term benefits that businesses can accrue by embracing solutions like AIMS.”

He concludes: “Looking at the big picture, industry factors like rapid fulfilment demands, increasing property costs, labour shortages and high inflation will continue to impact warehouse operations. 

“AIMS won’t be able to solve all a warehouse’s cost drivers, but it can solve inventory management challenges, so they can focus on high-value priorities that maintain business growth and continuity.”


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