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March 19

Matthias Braun, vice-president of logistics and digitalisation, PowerCo is kicking off ALSC Europe in a fireside chat and Q&A on the speed and change required to stay competitive in fast-changing battery supply chain and logistics.

You can still register and join in online to watch the opening session on battery supply chain happening tonight at 18:45 – 19:30 CET.

Braun says there is a “need for speed” in building up – and supporting – the battery supply chain in Europe. He compares the speed of change and evolution in the battery value chain and the chemistries and technologies used, to the fast pace of consumer technology. ”It’s like a laptop, you buy it one day and the next day it’s old,” he says.  

He says logistics can support in the speedy ramp-up. “As logistics, we have to be flexible and agile, because there are so many changes, in the equipment, in the materials used, even in the suppliers,” he says. “We need to be adaptable to that and have a plan B or plan C in place to support that speed that’s required, otherwise you slow down the whole process.” 

Recently, Automotive Logistics had a conversation with Basquevolt, Inobat and LG Energy Solution on Europe’s leap into localised lithium battery production, aiming for sustainability and self-sufficiency amid geopolitical shifts.

Read the full article before tuning into this evening’s session!


March 15

In the wake of recent global disruptions, Europe’s leading carmakers and tier one suppliers are harnessing advanced digital technlogies to fortify their supply chains – a topic that will be discussed at ALSC Europe in our keynote panel on day one with logistics leaders from VW Group, JLR, DB Schenker and Höegh Autoliners.

Read our recent article about how to navigate the digital turn to achieve resilience and transparency here. 


March 14

Matthias Braun, VW battery

There are just five days to go until our conference kicks off with a ‘Batteries and Beers’ fireside chat! We will power the start to ALSC Europe with networking and a Q&A with Matthias Braun, vice president of logistics and digitalisation at Powerco. 

Braun will discuss the need for speed in Europe’s battery supply chain and logistics as technologies rapidly develop and demand grows. 

The logistics leader has previously spoken to Automotive Logistics about building a blueprint for battery logistics at VW Group’s PowerCo division, where he talked about working with operations and manufacturing to make sure that the setup of facilities is optimised for logistics requirements as well as for production.

Read the full interview here. 


March 13


Ahead of ALSC Europe we interviewed Maxime Picat, chief purchasing and supply chain officer at Stellantis, who leads all procurement functions including logistics. 

Picat talked about improving supplier relations, planning for the future of the battery supply chain, the growing influence of supply chain costs and localisation, and securing critical logistics capacity – all of which will be topics discussed in Bonn next week. 



March 12

Levent_Yuksel_JLR 23-03-2022_0303

Moving towards a carbon-free future is a shared goal within automotive logistics and supply chain, and one that benefits everyone, according to Levent Yuksel, director of freight operations at JLR. 

Yuksel, who will be a speaker at ALSC Europe and will also host an interactive workshop on sustainability programmes and processes, recently told Automotive Logistics that he is aiming to reduce freight emissions by up to 30% by 2030 within upstream and downstream transport and distribution. 

Read the full interview with Levent Yuksel here. 


March 12

Women in Automotive collaboration event JLR, Aston Martin

In a recent feature, Automotive Logistics spoke to Ekaterina Serban, head of privacy and information security, Bosch and Mandisa Gordon, finance transformation manager, JLR about the critical need for diversity within automotive logistics and supply chain and the need to prepare the next generation of experts and leaders with different mindsets and skill sets. 

At the upcoming ALSC Europe event, we will host an ’Empowering Excellence’ forum and speed networking for women in the supply chain to come together and share guidance with forward-thinking peers and leaders, to accelerate cultural change across the industry.

Read the full article here.


March 12

As we begin the countdown to ALSC Europe 2024, taking place in Kameha Grand Bonn, Germany from March 19-21, Automotive Logistics will share news and features that will tie into discussions on the main stage and feature some of the experts that will speak at the event, keeping you in the loop and armed with topics to discuss while networking over coffee in Bonn! 

Oliver Bronder, head of vehicle logistics at Volkswagen Group Logistics, will be a keynote speaker at the event where he will discuss how supply chain and logistics management has been used to navigate disruption, while driving sales and production, reducing costs and emissions, be more resilient and prepare for electrification and transformation.

Recently, Volkswagen Group Logistics’ managing director Simon Motter spoke to Automotive Logistics about how the division can increasingly master disruptions and deliver on long-term goals. He said: “In logistics, we have become more relevant and able to influence decisions, both in terms of ensuring stability, but also in terms of costs and emissions.” 

Read the five-part interview series here. 


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