12 best home office gifts: accessories, tech & more


The pandemic transformed millions of us from Starbucks-toting commuters into work-from-home pros – dressing smart from the waist up and doing our best to Feng Shui our bedrooms into something resembling an office space. The HELLO! Online team are no exception!  

Our Senior Lifestyle Editor Karen Silas says: “With the pandemic – and lockdown – I, like millions of people, got a crash course in working from home. I was definitely not prepared to instantly re-create a comfortable, efficient space conducive to working in peace all day in my flat. But now, after transforming a spare room into a dual-purpose guest room and home office that I still use today, I have a great idea of what’s not just essential – a laptop tray to work while sitting on the sofa, or noise-cancelling headphones for example – but also those little extras that make it so much nicer to WFH.” 

These days, hybrid working means working from home continues at least some of the time. While some have taken the change well, others may be struggling. If you’re looking for a gift for a home worker who could do with a bit of a pick-me-up, or even if you want to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve scoured the best online retailers for the best gifts for those working from home – whether you’re after something to brighten up their desk space, a cool gadget that’ll make their life easier or just something to make them smile – these are the home office must-haves they’ll love.

How we chose the best home office gifts and accessories

  • Price: We included home office essentials with a competitive price point, without sacrificing on quality. Where possible, we included products and accessories that were on sale.
  • Personal experience: The HELLO! Online team are all hybrid workers, so we all have plenty of experience in decking out our home offices. We included only the products we love and can’t live without – we know they’ll make the best gifts!
  • Reviews: Where we couldn’t test the products ourselves, we focused on reviews from verified shoppers – and we only included home office accessories and gifts that received a good number of consistently positive reviews.
  • Variety: Some shoppers might want to gift something practical or techy, others might want something to brighten up a friend’s desk. We tried to include something for everyone.

The best working-from-home gifts for your home office

  • SEFFO Lap Desk Laptop stand

    SEFFO Lap Desk Laptop stand

    Sales of these rocketed during the pandemic, but if you know someone who still doesn’t have one, you couldn’t choose a better home office gift. They’re just so handy to have, and this is the Amazon choice option for ‘laptop tray’ – which means the online shopping giant has deemed it a high rated, well-priced product which is available to ship immediately. They’re not wrong – it has an impressive 4.6-star rating and over 2k positive reviews and counting. It’s sleek, lightweight and the perfect size (30.5 x 57.5 x 5cm). It also features a dual-bolster cushion to allow for comfort and increased airflow, a built-in mouse pad and phone slot.

  • Kikkerland Rainbow Maker

    Kikkerland Rainbow Maker

    You can really put this in the category of home office gifts for the person who has everything. They surely won’t have this! It instantly brings rainbow magic and calming vibes to your home office. All you need to do is fix it to the window via the suction cup and the sun will charge the solar battery, and soon it’ll get going. The motor turns the crystal, refracting the sun’s rays into beautiful rainbows.

  • Hello Day Hexagon Brass Ballpoint Pen

    Hello Day Hexagon Brass Ballpoint Pen

    When you’re using something every day, it’s nice if it’s going to make you happy every time you look at it! That can certainly be said for Hello Day’s gorgeous new Hexagon Brass Ballpoint Pen. It’s a pleasure to write with, being satisfyingly heavy to hold and smooth on the page. Purchase it with a  protective leather or faux leather sleeve if you want to go that extra mile, and refills are available when it does eventually run out of ink.

  • RollerMouse pro

    RollerMouse Pro

    The RollerMouse pro is unlike any mouse you’ve ever seen. It operates by sliding and turning a rolling centrepiece, thus keeping your hands centred, and keering your wrists at a natural angle. Unlike conventional mice, which don’t allow for ergonomic wrist support and can cause strain in the wrists, neck and shoulders. This is a gift that’s literally investing in the recipient’s future health – especially if they spend hours in front of the computer.

    Not only is the mouse easy to set up and configure (I had the wireless vession up and running in minutes with the scroll and click strengths set to my liking) but it has an impressive three-month battery life before you have to charge it again (via the included USB C cable). The sleek Scandi design is a plus point – as is the fact it comes with a central six-button panel which can be customised to your preferred needs and shortcuts.

    The first few days were a bit of an adjustment as I got used to the roller (I did feel a bit like I was playing with an Etch a Sketch!) but now that I’m used to it I honestly wouldn’t be without it now – and my future wrists will absolutely thank me for it!

  • Acezeek Large Mouse Mat

    Acezeek Large Mouse Mat

    Once you switch to a wide mouse mat, you’ll never go back. At 90 x 40cm It can fit your keyboard, mouse and even your cup of tea. Sure you could get a basic plain one, but this one is just so gorgeous. It’s waterproof too. We guarantee it’d go down well as a home office gift for someone who likes pretty things.

  • Aqua Optima Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Filter Water Dispenser

    Aqua Optima Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Filter Water Dispenser

    I have been buying Aqua Optima water dispensers ever since they were first launched. This mean machine is the latest model they’ve released and it’s brilliant. There’s no plumbing or installation required, just a single plug and you’ll have access to a chilled or piping hot water. You do have to remember to fill it up as you go, but it you can live with that, it really is a game changer home office gift.

  • Peace Lily Plant by Bunches

    Peace Lily Plant by Bunches

    Bunches have a beautiful range of house plants you can choose online and have delivered – they even offer plant subscriptions, so the gift recipient gets a gorgeous new plant every month. The Peace Lily, which arrives in a beautiful natural jute pot, is a great option. They naturally filter harmful toxins from the air and boost the humidity of a room by up to 5% – both of which help promote healthy sleep.

  • All day all night Occulamp

    All day all night Occulamp

    A portable desk light that promotes good health and restful sleep? Yes, please! This clever lamp is different as it’s designed to be low on blue light, which is bad for your eyes and your sleep, tripping up the body clock by blocking melatonin. It has three settings depending on whether you want your workstation at its brightest or whether you’re winding down for the day. I have this and I love the fact you can charge it up and move it to where you need it.

  • The world’s smallest vacuum

    The world’s smallest vacuum

    Hands up if you’re guilty of snacking at your desk and getting crumbs all over your laptop? Not a problem if you have this tiny vacuum cleaner. I can confirm that aside from being hilariously funny, it does actually work!

  • Logitech MX Anywhere wireless mouse

    Logitech MX Anywhere wireless mouse

    I have this mouse and three years after purchasing it, I still think it’s the best home office accessory I own. It tracks on any surface, table, glass – even your duvet, should you desire. I’m not the only one who loves it – it has over 6k positive ratings on Amazon and an impressive 4.6-star rating. You can get it in black, pink or white.

  • Ember New Temperature-Control smart mug

    Ember New Temperature-Control smart mug

    The cup of tepid cold tea is the scourge of the home office worker, but the Ember smart mug will banish that problem in a jiffy. It’s an app-controlled smart mug that you can control via your smartphone to set the temperature you want your tea or coffee to stay at. The battery life is decent (1.5 hours off the coaster) or just leave it on the coaster for pipping hot tea all day long. Be warned though – you can’t put this in the dishwasher, it’s hand wash only. Small price to pay though, in my humble opinion. You can get it in gold, rose gold or stainless steel if that fits the decor of the gift recipient’s home office better.

  • Mahabis curve slippers

    Mahabis curve

    I own several pairs of these, trust me when I say they’re absolutely amazing. My other half also has them, and he is picky over his slippers! They are amazingly comfortable but also supportive of your feet (important if you’re wearing them for many hours a day) the designs are seriously funky too. You can mix and match the colours to create your own unique design. They might be above the price of your average slipper, but they last years so they are worth every penny.


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